Washing the exterior of our cars keeps them clean and new, but it’s really what’s on the inside that counts. We have found an exterior car wash can make a huge difference to the appearance of any vehicle but many people avoid a good interior clean.

There’s a real sense of pride that comes from leaving a car wash with a clean car. Here are 3 key reasons why you should always clean the interior of your car:

1. It adds years to the life of your car’s components

Spending some additional time to clean the interior of your car when you are at the car wash can add years to the life of your car’s components. The interior of your car and its components will remain new, clean, and protected. In the long run, this is sure to save you time and money with repairs and possible replacements. Premier Auto Wash has all your interior car cleaning needs covered with our cleaning accessories, products, and dedicated vacuum bays.

2. It helps with removing any stains, germs, and grime

Smelly stains, germs, and grime can make the interior of any car look and feel awful. We have found treating stains and helping prevent germs and grime by regularly cleaning your car will definitely help. Different components sometimes need a lot more cleaning and taking care of. By visiting Premier Auto Wash, we’ll have everything needed and have you out on the road again feeling clean and awesome every time.

3. It helps maintain and increase the market value of your car

At one point or another, you will eventually plan to sell or trade your car in. Keeping the interior of your car clean and in order will definitely help you maintain and increase the market value of your car. By investing in your car for the long-term with regular cleaning, washing and maintenance will work towards adding money to your bank account.

At Premier Auto Wash, we aim to be the most progressive and technologically advanced operated wash facility available in Ballarat, Victoria. And look forward to seeing you soon!

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