If you wash your vehicle on a regular basis and love to maintain the presence of your prized possession – come pay us a visit at Premier Auto Wash in Ballarat!

It’s always a great time to clean your vehicle and keep it looking amazing!

The Premier Auto Wash team recommends the following to help keep your vehicle looking the way it always should – “stunning”. Here are our tips:

1. Vacuum and clean the interior of your car

Vacuum well and take your time at our self-serve powerful vacuum bays. For the inside of your vehicle – ensure you do not use harsh cleaning products like bleach and other household cleaners. These products may cause damage to the interior of your vehicle. Look into buying high-quality cleaning wipes and start by wiping down your seats, dashboard, and door trims. Then vacuum your car carefully – paying close attention to removing dust and dirt.

2. Wash the exterior

Once the interior is done, you can get to washing the outside of your car. Our automatic touchless laser washing service is like no other and you have to experience it to see the difference. The touchless aspect will deliver a sense of security that your vehicle is not being damaged by dirty or abrasive brushes. Also, our three self-service bays will allow you to do the work yourself to ensure a professional wash every time!

3. Keeping your vehicle clean

Once your car has been thoroughly cleaned, there are a few simple things you can do to maintain to keep your vehicle fresh always! Keep a sanitiser and cleaning wipes in your car to continuously clean your steering wheel and the other interiors of your car every time you get in will ensure your interior stays clean on a regular basis.

At Premier Auto Wash, we aim to be the most progressive and technologically advanced operated wash facility available in Ballarat, Victoria.

And look forward to seeing you soon!

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