Premier Auto Wash is now open!

With two touchless laser wash automatic bays, 3 self-serve bays, and a dog wash station we have your car washing and maintenance needs covered! The automatic touchless laser wash is a state-of-the-art system delivering a high-quality wash including pre-soak and undercarriage cleaning. The touchless aspect provides you with a sense of security that your car will not be damaged by dirty or abrasive brushes. The 3 self-serve bays are offered to customers who want to do their own car cleaning and maintenance, with intense clean / foam products, pre-soaking, tire cleaning, foaming brushes, high-pressure soap and rinse, wax, spot-free rinse. Add our vacuum stations and you are sure to do an amazing job on your visit to Premier Auto Wash.

Our dog wash station is available for all our dog-loving customers. Make the most of the shampoo and conditioner provided and the turbo dryer function in each unit to avoid making a mess at home.

Premier Auto Wash is located at the corner of Sutton and Hertford Streets in Sebastopol, Ballarat – Victoria.

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We look forward to seeing you soon!